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The best platform to build a blog – How to set up fast and cheap

The best platform to build a blog or website

Are you new to blogging and want to find out the best platform to build a blog? You’ve heard terms such as ‘WordPress‘ or you’ve seen advertisements for WIX or Squarespace. Which is best for you? which will give you the best advantage? We will be covering the differences between self-hosted platforms that work with WordPress, compared to website builders such as Wix and Squarespace. Just to note, ‘self-hosted’ means hosting your website yourself via a service provider. To put this into context, you would buy a domain and hosting from a service provider such as Siteground. then you would install a free software called WordPress that allows you to build a site. We will be going over the following topics to determine the best platform to build a blog. All self-hosting platforms and site builders are slightly different, so for this comparsion we will use Siteground as a self-hosting service and WIX as a site builder.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Designability


First you need to know that there are two main costs involved: The cost for a domain name and a cost to host your blog online. A Domain name will cost you approximately £1 a month as standard.

Website builders such as WIX have a free option, however this comes with extreme limitations such as having ‘wixsite’ within your domain. If you want to be a serious blogger, this free plan just isn’t going to cut it! So the general plan will cost approximately £12 a month. If you are self-hosting, the monthly amount varies, however I use the most popular one Siteground, which lets you self-host for £6 a month. Something to also note, if you want certain tools such as private emails, a blog etc, WIX will charge you monthly add on costs. This means that £12 a month can soon turn to £20 a month. So self-hosting is the best platform to build a blog if you have a low budget.

If you think self hosting a blog sounds complicated, don’t worry. We have a FREE video tutorial at the bottom of this post that lets you set up a self-hosted blog quick and cheap. Or click here


From the table below, our analysis has shown that self-hosting with WordPress is the better option when considering the best platform to build a blog. This is because of two reasons. The first reason is that most of WIX’s additional features cost an additional monthly amount. Whereas self-hosting with WordPress allows you to add a large variety of additional features for FREE. The second reason is that WordPress has a larger variety of features that give you a much bigger tool box. A lot of developers produce plugins on WordPress which allow you to achieve pretty much anything on your website. WIX is limited to what they produce, meaning you might find limitations on your website.

It must be noted that WIX still has great features to build a website or blog. However, you will find that these features a more for a basic website, rather than a professional one. So when considering features, Self hosting with WordPress is the best platform to build a blog.


Is support a good topic to consider when choosing the best platform to build a blog? Absolutely. Support may seem like a minor issue, however everyone will come across technical issues at some point. The analysis of this topic was pretty tight, as both WIX and Siteground provided a great service. The only reason that Siteground wins this round is because they have a 24/7 online chat, whereas WIX you have to submit a ticket and wait a reply within a couple of days.

From personal experience, the Siteground online chat has benefited so much. I have chatted to them online and had my issues sorted out in minutes. This helps you crack on and finish what you are doing. That’s why we have awarded Siteground the best platform to build a blog.

Easy to use

This topic is actually a tie in my opinion, as I want to create a non-bias review. WIX allows you to simply drag and drop items and build a website in small amount of time. This allows complete beginners to create a nice website. Installing WordPress through Siteground also gives you this advantage. There are FREE features that you can add which allow the drag and drop method. This makes it just as easy for a beginner to create their dream blog. There are more features available through WordPress, however this topic is based on how easy the platforms are to use. So overall, both options are the best platform to build a blog.


Again, I believe both options are tied when considering the best platform to build a blog. Both WIX and WordPress have a large variety of templates and themes. This allows the user to choose a variety of layouts and design the website how they want.

Digging further into this topic, a couple of points to note. When using a site builder like WIX, you have to abide by their policies, meaning they can dictate what happens on your website. If you self host via WordPress, you don’t have to abide by anything. Self-hosting allows to transfer your website to other hosting services, however WIX will not let you move your website from their server. This control is another thing that puts me off. That’s why I believe that Siteground is technically the winner when considering the best platform to build a blog.


In summary, both are good options but depend on what you want to achieve. Upon our review, we have found that WIX is great for a simple, personal website. However, if you want to be a serious blogger, using WordPress is a must. Not only is it cheaper, but it also gives you better support, better features and gives you the freedom on your own blog. So we would recommend using WordPress for the best platform to build a blog. If you want to build a professional WordPress blog, check out our FREE simple to follow blogging video tutorial below. Set up quick and without any coding. Start now.

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