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Level: Beginner to Advanced

Duration: Approximately 3 Hours 45 Minutes

File Size: 904Mb

About this tutorial

Are you ready to set up and start making money with your own online store? and start selling your own products online. Teachmewebsites is the trusted platform that students have used to set up quickly and for a low cost.

If you have a online store business idea and don’t where to start, then this tutorial you really need. This tutorial is perfect for any level as there is NO coding, simple to set up and learn how to create a professional site within the next couple of hours. Customers have loved our service which allows you to instantly download your tutorial and learn offline and at your own pace. In addition, we are also so popular based on our prices set so that anyone can start their own online business. Save time having everything all in one place, learn at your own speed and save thousands from having to hire developers and manage your site.

Join the rest of our successful customers and build your dream site in hours. There’s no better way! It really works.

What you will learn

  • Set up a full online store

    Learn how to build a fully working store with all your products

  • Product search

    Set up product search criteria just like the professional online stores, so customers can filter your products

  • Set up shipping costs

    Set different shipping costs for different areas or size of products

  • Set up payment options

    Set up payment gateways so you can get paid instantly

  • Stock management system

    Learn to set up a stock management system so that you get notified when stocks are low

  • Discounts

    Learn to set up your desired discounts on any product

  • Contact Forms

    Learn to set up professional contact forms for your customers to reach out to you.

  • Drag and Drop Design

    Ever tried learning how to write complicated code? Learn how to use this FREE drag and drop tool so you never have to write any code! Simple!

  • Set up Custom Pages

    Learn how to set up and design any kind of pages and exactly how you want

  • Set up a Blog

    Learn how to incorporate a blog, keep your followers updated and how to reach out to new ones

  • Domain name

    Learn how to create and set up an effective website name

  • Hosting

    How to buy and set up hosting so that your website is set up on the internet

  • Instant Download

    No messing about! You receive a download link instantly and get to start your site straight away. No waiting on delivery

  • Free Updating

    It can cost thousands of pounds every year to get a developer to manage and update your website. This amazing tutorial will teach you how to update it yourself whenever you want, so you don't have to pay management costs. Do you want to save thousands a year?

  • Set up in Hours

    Find it hard to follow along with written instructions? This easy to follow video tutorial explains everything visually, making it easy to learn quickly

Act now and get Bonuses

  • Bonus 1 - Low cost Hosting

    You might want to know how to buy hosting. We will cover the hosting we use which is low cost and gives us amazing value for money.

  • Bonus 2 - Discover Free Tools

    There are some unbelievable but not well known FREE tools that can be used to drastically improve your site. Don't worry, we will show you these.

  • Bonus 3 - Private Company Emails

    To promote trust, you need private site emails '' rather than Gmail addresses. Most courses don't teach this, but we do!

  • Bonus 4 - Mobile Compatibility

    Majority of people access websites through mobile devices, so if your site isn't mobile compatible you're in trouble! Let use show you how to effectively do this

  • Bonus 5 - Social Media Integration

    Learn the best ways to integrate your social media to improve your Google ranking, drastically increase your marketing and increase your social media following


Why did it take so long to find this site! It saved me god knows how much time

Tom Taylor

West Midlands

Can’t believe how easy and simple it was to download and get started

Shaun Cad


There’s no better way to start straight away. Follow the screen and go.

Luke Smallman


To think I was willing to pay a developer thousands to build a site. Incredible saving!

Luke Bayton


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