This video tutorial will teach you to set up an online store in hours and start selling your products. Easy to follow and no coding. It's never been easier!


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Are you struggling to build a membership website to generate a monthly income online? maybe you are struggling for time or don’t have the technical skills? Then this course is for you. Learn how to build a fully responsive membership website in hours. There is no coding, just drag and drop. Learn how to quickly launch your membership website, easily set different memberships levels, limit access and automatically collect payments.

This course doesn’t just teach you to build a website. You will also learn how simple it can be to run your membership site. This video course is simple to follow and has been specifically designed so that even complete beginners can build a professional website.

We know it can be complicated to figure out how to set up payment methods to get paid and set up automatic emails which automatically sends login details to customers. So we have done the hard work for you, by breaking all this down into simple tasks. So you can earn money while you sleep.

What will you learn?

Play our short demonstration video on the example website we will be building together. Learn to build this advanced membership website from scratch. See how simple it is to follow the video and start creating your own profitable membership website.

  • How to set up a domain name

    Walkthrough on setting up your website name. Detailed tips on choosing the best domain name

  • Set up low cost website hosting

    Save money with low cost hosting and how to get your website working online

  • How to install wordpress

    How to install wordpress and how to use it to easily create your website

  • How to install wordpress

    How to install wordpress and how to use it to easily create your website

  • How to use WordPress features

    Learn how to use WordPress features to create an amazing website

  • Set up membership programme settings

    A detailed walkthrough on configuring settings for the memberships

  • How to set up membership levels

    Create membership levels that are free or paid

  • How to set up recurring payments

    Learn to set up recurring payments so that automatically get paid on a monthly basis

  • How to manage reports about members and payments

    Learn how to manage and track progress via reports on numbers of members, members per level, payments and more

  • How to set up contact forms

    Learn how to set up professional contact forms so that customers can contact you

  • Set up private email address

    Set up professional emails for your website i.e.

  • How to set up a blog

    Set up a blog to improve SEO and provide information to members

  • How to add social share buttons

    Let users share content to make your website more popular

  • Set up free/discounted trials

    Encourage people to sign up by setting free trials or discounted trials. Choose the amount and the length

  • limit access to information based on membership

    You can set as many membership levels as you want. Learn how to allow and limit access to material based on a user's membership level

  • limited access to non members

    Encourage users to sign up by letting non members view any content you choose

  • How to set up login / register pages

    Learn how to set up the login pages, register forms and more

  • How to set up payments

    Learn to set up payment gateways and get paid automatically

  • Learn how users set receive logins

    Learn how users automatically receive their logins after payment

  • Learn how the membership areas work

    Learn how the user area works i.e. invoices, change/cancel membership

  • How to write and design blog posts

    Learn to create amazing blog posts and provide access to certain members

  • How to create video galleries and limit access

    Learn to create amazing blog posts and provide access to certain members

  • How to set up files for members to download

    Allow access to members to download your files i.e. images, audio, eBooks.

  • How to set up menus and sidebars

    Set up menus and sidebars so that customers can navigate the website

  • How to further develop website design

    Learn about special customize features to further develop your site

Having looked around previously, there isn't anything out there that provides an easy way to build a website for beginners. This video course was great as it included so much detail and provided simple explainations throughout. If you want to build a professional website then these courses will help you set up quick.



I don't know where I would be without this course. It's so hard to understand reading from PDFs. Considering I know nothing about websites, this video course made it easy to follow along



It's not just following along to build a specific website, it teaches you how to use the tools in order to create a website exactly how you want. The whole course breaks everything down step by step. Easy to set quick as all the information is there.


Quarry Bank

After trying several sources to build a website I checked out I was impressed how simple it was to understand the process and create a website just like the professionals



Web developers charge thousands to build you a website. These courses allow you to set up for a fraction of the cost. You can easily set up within a day and you can update whenever you want to. No more relying on and paying web developers to manage your website.


West Midlands

What a great way to build a website. The video is easy to follow and there are no difficult tasks such as coding. It flows so well, starting at the very start up until a fully working websites. This is everything you need.



I wouldn't use any other courses than these. Saving thousands doing it yourself. Having someone talk and guide you through. You learn things you didn't know you needed to learn. Quick and simple!



I thought the course was great considering I had no experience. So happy that it was a nice easy course to understand and apply. Thank you.




5 tutorials for the price of 1


5 tutorials for the price of 1