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QUICKLY start, set up your shop and LAUNCH your digital products business

Do you need to build a website to sell your digital products on autopilot? maybe you are struggling for time or don’t have the technical skills? Then this course is for you. Learn to QUICKLY LAUNCH a website to sell your digital products online and create an online income.

This course doesn’t just teach you to build a website. You will also learn how simple it can be to run your site. This video course is simple to follow and has been specifically designed so that even complete beginners can build a professional website.

We know it can be complicated to figure out how to upload your digital products, set up payment methods to get paid and set up automatic emails which send download links to your customers. So we have done the hard work for you, by breaking all this down into simple tasks. So you can earn money while you sleep.

What will you learn?

Play our short demonstration video on the example website we will be building together. Learn to build this advanced website at scratch to sell digital products such as eBooks. Automatically receive payments and automatically send download links to customers.

  • How to set up a domain name

    Walkthrough on setting up your website name. Detailed tips on choosing the best domain name

  • Set up low cost website hosting

    Save money with low cost hosting and how to get your website working online

  • How to install wordpress

    How to install wordpress and how to use it to easily create your website

  • How to set up the digital products store

    Set up the page in a professional manner so you can easily add products

  • How to add digital products

    Add your products within minutes by uploading images and adding descriptions

  • Set up contact forms

    Create a professional contact form so customers can contact you

  • Create blog

    How to add a blog that will encourage readers to visit your site

  • Full design of website

    Learn how to use the drag and drop to create a customer layout and design. Learn to change sizes and colours

  • Set up digital product search filters

    Let your visitors search your products by prices, categories and custom fields such as colour, type.

  • Set up sales

    How to set automatic sale dates and sale prices for specific products

  • Set up discount codes

    How to set up your own coupon codes and discount codes for your customers. Choose custom discount and custom conditions

  • Set up auto send download links to customers

    Set up specific shipping costs for different countries and areas

  • Set up and receive payments

    Set up payment methods so you can receive payments instantly

  • Set up customer logins

    Set up logins for your customers so they can return as existing customers and manage their orders

  • Mobile friendly

    Create a website that works on mobiles as well as desktops

What a great way to build a website. The video is easy to follow and there are no difficult tasks such as coding. It flows so well, starting at the very start up until a fully working websites. This is everything you need.



I don't know where I would be without this course. It's so hard to understand reading from PDFs. Considering I know nothing about websites, this video course made it easy to follow along



Having looked around previously, there isn't anything out there that provides an easy way to build a website for beginners. This video course was great as it included so much detail and provided simple explainations throughout. If you want to build a professional website then these courses will help you set up quick.



Web developers charge thousands to build you a website. These courses allow you to set up for a fraction of the cost. You can easily set up within a day and you can update whenever you want to. No more relying on and paying web developers to manage your website.


West Midlands

I wouldn't use any other courses than these. Saving thousands doing it yourself. Having someone talk and guide you through. You learn things you didn't know you needed to learn. Quick and simple!



After trying several sources to build a website I checked out I was impressed how simple it was to understand the process and create a website just like the professionals



I thought the course was great considering I had no experience. So happy that it was a nice easy course to understand and apply. Thank you.



It's not just following along to build a specific website, it teaches you how to use the tools in order to create a website exactly how you want. The whole course breaks everything down step by step. Easy to set quick as all the information is there.


Quarry Bank


5 tutorials for the price of 1


5 tutorials for the price of 1