You are currently viewing Best digital products to sell online 2021 – How to make money online

Best digital products to sell online 2021 – How to make money online

Best digital products to sell online 2021 – How to make money online

This post will go over the best digital products to sell online in 2021. So you have thought about creating digital products to sell online, but what products? which digital products are the best to sell? Where do I sell them?

This post will go over the best digital products to sell online, how to create digital products and where to sell them. This will save you time, allow you to create the best digital product and start earning online as soon as possible.

Digital products are a great option to make money online. There are no material costs (So free) and there is no hassle of having to ship products. This means that you don’t need a lot of start up money for products, you don’t have the hassle of shipping items and the sale is 100% profit. But what are the most profitable digital products?

Best digital products to sell online 2021 – The most profitable

Best digital products to sell online 2021


When it comes to considering the best digital products to sell online for 2021, it’s worth considering the easiest and most popular. An eBook can be created on any kind of topic or genre. If you aren’t a writer or novelist don’t worry, there are plenty other options. You can sell your knowledge by creating an eBook that teaches the reader a topic. Maybe you can write an eBook on lifestyle, tutorials on a certain topic, or even a travel guide that provides unique tips!

An eBook can easily be created from a Word document which is then saved as a PDF. But where do you sell them?

There are websites such as Amazon and the Google Play store to sell your eBooks. They are great websites to gain some exposure, however the owners will take a cut of the profit.

The best option is without doubt building your own website to sell your eBooks. This allows you to keep all the profit, not have to compete with other people’s products and your visitors can easily see all of your eBooks. Your website can easily be marketed via a Facebook page and Facebook groups to gain lots of visitors. But isn’t it difficult to build a website?

Not at all! We have designed an easy to follow video tutorial that will teach you to build a digital products website in hours. No website experience needed, no coding required. You will learn to build a professional website that uses FREE software and has a simple drag and drop movement setup.

This tutorial is very cheap at only £29 as a one off cost, giving beginners a chance to build a successful digital products business. Not only will you learn to build a website, you will also learn to automate your website. So, when a customer makes a purchase, you receive the money in your account and they automatically receive an email with the download link. These FREE and advanced features mean that your online business runs itself. Click the button below for more information on creating a successful digital products website.

Best digital products to sell online 2021 - How to make money online

Membership website

A membership website isn’t technically a digital product, however I’ve included it in the best digital products to sell online for 2021 for a reason. Where there isn’t a specific digital product to buy, customers pay a monthly subscription to get access to your content. Same with the eBook, you can create articles and pages that customers pay to view.

The best part about the membership website? You automatically get paid every month! meaning you don’t even have to try and make a certain number of sales every month. Just have fun updating your content and collecting monthly subscriptions. This is an amazingly easy way to make a passive income online! But how do you build a membership website? sounds complicated right?

It’s actually pretty easy when you know what you’re doing. We have produced a video tutorial to give you all the information you need on setting up an online membership business. Learn to:

  1. Build an entire professional website
  2. Set different membership levels
  3. Offer free trials
  4. Set up payment gateways to automatically receive money
  5. Lockdown pages and articles for different membership levels
  6. Set up recurring payment methods so that you automatically get paid every month.

Learn more about how to set up a successful membership business via the button below. All the information you could need is all there.

Best digital products to sell online 2021 - How to make money online

Online course

Another common best digital product to sell online for 2021 are online courses such as video courses. It’s a great way to provide visual tutorials, allowing students to see a more interactive way of learning. These online video courses can be created with as little as your mobile phone camera and some video editing software. Decide what topic you want to create an online course for, set up a script, record with your phone and then edit.

But where can you sell them? There are large platforms for video courses such as Udemy. They do all the marketing for you, however they will take up to 75% of the sale. As discussed, you can also either build a digital products website where users can download the videos. Or the other option is to add videos to your website within a paid membership section.

Media: Audio / images

How can you create the best digital products to sell online in 2021 when you don’t have a specific skill to teach? Maybe you can sell some of your creativity through audio and images. This is a big market to tap into as everyone needs licenced images and music for their websites and online videos. As the internet has got more popular, so has the demand for great audio tracks and images. That’s why this is one of the best digital products to sell online. but not many people have figured this out yet.

You can easily take great images with your camera phone or a professional budget camera from Amazon. If you have a natural talent for creating music or taking images, you can create a library of products pretty quickly, rather than spending ages writing an eBook.

You can upload and sell your images on platforms such as Adobe and Shutterstock. However, you will only earn pennies per sale after the fees and will need to rely on a lot of sales.

Again, your best option is build your own website and online store where visitors can browse and buy. Then customers can purchase multiple digital files, check out the files and instantly receive their media via email. Our digital products video tutorial can do just that if you are struggling. For only £29 you can have a professional and successful media store set up within hours. It will run itself by accepting payments and sending download links immediately to customers. If you have been looking for a quick solution and unfair advantage then this is it. Having all the information you need to set up a successful media store within hours and not having to pay a web developer thousands of pounds? it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Designs and templates

If you struggle with music, you can create designs and templates for letterheads, wedding invitations and more. You can use free editing software such as GIMP. Same with all solutions, there are sites available to sell your designs. Etsy is a good option for design and the website doesn’t actually take a big cut. The other option is creating your own online store as described above. Creating your own website will also allow you to offer a bespoke design service for customers.

Best digital products to sell online 2021 – The best option

Even after learning the best digital products to sell online I still get asked the same question. Which is the best? The answer is that it depends. It will depend on what option you find the most interesting. For it to be successful, you need to enjoy building your business. It also depends on your talent. What can you offer people? I hope you enjoyed reading about the Best digital products to sell online 2021. If you have any other ideas, please share them below.

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